Silvan Safari

Silvan Safari Lodge transcends the typical African bush experience, transforming the traditional notion of safari into something exceptional and unique.

Located in the northern section of the spectacular Sabi Sand region, where the roar of the lion is your morning wake up call and the cry of the fish eagle your hourly reminder that every heart and soul on earth beats with the connected rhythm of these historic lands.

Silvan redefines luxury safari in Africa and the inspirational leadwood forest provides the ideal canvas for this groundbreaking lodge. The contemporary, modern architecture is slick and bold. With six extraordinary suites, and one family unit, the lodge provides an enchanting, intimate setting to immerse yourself in this forested paradise. The pure, calming energy of the Manyeleti River flows at Silvan’s doorstep, nourishing the trees and bringing life to the area. Revel in this from your own private plunge pool, watching elephants stroll by  in the grandest safari pool in Africa. The design and decor, environmental impact are all state-of-the-art, yet elegantly understated.


Silvan Safari

The contemporary, modern architecture is designed with a mindful existence blending the natural beauty of the environment with the entire lodge. Silvan boasts six extraordinary luxury suites, including one family suite, a spa, lap pool, bar facilities, wine cellar, media room and gift store.
Each of Silvan’s six suites offer luxury accommodation, extraordinary space and exquisite river views. Every pod’s private plunge pool is perfectly positioned for you to watch, cocktail in hand, as animals stroll by along the riverbed below. Silvan’s family suite, the Leadwood, welcomes our multi-generational travellers. Inspired by the trees, Silvan’s suites embrace their size and stature, providing ample space and light.

Kierie Klapper Suite, Cassia Suite, Knobthorn Suite, Blue Guarri Suite,  Tree Wisteria Suite, Leadwood Family Suite.

Scouring the landscape through binoculars on the open back of a 4X4 vehicle is one of the most iconic and ritualistic elements of the safari experience. Nowhere is this taken more seriously or appreciated than at Silvan.

Ansellia SpaThe Ansellia Orchid Spa is a haven of tranquility where the gentle sound of water gurgling into the private pool welcomes you while caring hands treat you. Relaxation and pampering form an integral part of the Silvan experience.

Feel the inspiration all around you when you indulge in each of Silvan’s activities and experiences, from your morning coffee stop in the bush to your G&T on the deck at sunset

Dining at Silvan is a culinary delight celebrating fresh, local produce inspired by our spectacular natural surroundings. South Africa produces some of the world’s most celebrated wine, and Silvan has an extensive premium collection housed in a state-of-the-art wine cellar.

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Sabi Sand Game Reserve,

Kruger, 1200


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