Uthando NGO

Because the places and our people you visit remain long after you have left, Inspirational Places makes a concerted effort to include responsible tourism initiatives and sustainability amongst the criteria we use to select our properties. The properties that follow serve as recognition for related contributions and projects that certain properties in this portfolio have undertaken.

As a Non-Profit Organisation, Uthando has been extremely busy during the Covid-19 crisis and with the incredible support from our clients and benefactors, Uthando has been able to support feeding schemes, urban micro farms and many other community projects with financial assistance exceeding R5,5 million rand from March 2020 to date.


We have supported Uthando (Love) South Africa which is a unique and innovative Non Profit and Fair Trade in Tourism accredited company. The aim of Uthando is to raise funds and other forms of assistance for community development projects in South Africa..

Uthando (meaning love in Xhosa and Zulu) is a unique non-profit and Fair Trade in Tourism accredited organization which aims to raise funds for life changing community development projects in South Africa.

As an award winning model of Responsible Tourism and Travelling Philanthropy, Uthando is drawing on an extensive network of cherished partnerships in tourism and community development, with the ultimate goal of linking these two sectors in a myriad of innovative, sincere and meaningful ways.

Through our deeply respectful and culturally-sensitively Philanthropic Tours and experiences, Uthando celebrates our Proudly South African culture, while shining a light on the many deserving but hitherto unsung community heroes whose efforts so often go unrecognized and unrewarded. 

Through a powerful combination of love and action, Uthando works to make South Africa, and the world, a better place.

  • Sponsor and support a specific community development project.
  • Send clients on the unique Uthando Travel Experiences.
  • Hire amazing world class choirs, dance groups or youth development organisations for events, groups, conferences etc.
  • Purchase innovative and high quality handcraft products from the social businesses.

The Uthando Tour covers an extensive discussion on South African history, the legacy of Apartheid, political, social, economic, cultural and local issues. As Uthando is a Non-Profit Company focused on community upliftment, the core of our trips is taking people to visit interesting community development projects. We work with, support and visit many different types of projects, for example : day care / early learning centres, urban agricultural and environmental programmes, youth development  / after school programmes where children are taught dance, music, sports etc, seniors projects, animal care projects and many more. Visits depend on what projects are available on the day and tours are normally arranged the day before depending on availability of the projects.

On every half day tour we take guests to visit 3 or 4 different community projects. Guests have an opportunity to interact with the locals at these projects, and find out about the inspiring work they are doing. The projects showcase their work and lives to the visitors. Uthando can accommodate groups of any size.

Tours are conducted by either James Fernie and Xolani Maseko, and occasionally both together.


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